CO2 Monitor Maple. A functional interior device for measuring indoor air quality.

A device for measuring CO2 (carbon dioxide) indoors, detector of air stuffiness level in premises.
Carbon dioxide in a dangerously elevated concentration in premises is like an invisible, inodorous, inaudible and unperceivable poison that slowly destroys vital organs and kills people. 

If we put a frog in a pot with cold water and slowly boil the pot, the frog will not leap out, it will get used to it, it will even feel quite good, but as the result it will be boiled. The same happens to a person, who constantly and regularly stays in premises with elevated concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2). People spend approximately 90% of their life indoors, where the air is almost 5 times more polluted than outdoors.

CO2 Monitor Maple LED indication visually informs about the air quality in the room. In total, there are 5 indications, which correspond to a specific level of CO2 in the room, the unit of measurement of CO2 is ppm (particles per million): green maple leaf - very good air quality, fresh and health-facilitating air, but red leaf - very poor air quality.

It is particularly important that our children breathe fresh air, while sleeping, studying, playing.

We wish you to use CO2 Monitor Maple device on regular basis, follow the level of CO2 in rooms and be healthy!

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